The Two Greatest Cricket Players of All Time

1. Sir Donald Bradman

Sir Donald Bradman was a monumental figure, widely known to many as “The Don”. He’s revered by almost all of today’s specialists as being the most iconic cricketer to ever exist in cricket history. We possibly will never see another player like him again. Bradman’s overall batting average was an astonishing 99.94. This is an accomplishment unsurpassed by any athlete whose ever played in a team sport, let alone the sport of international cricket.

The Don was so influential, the word “Bradmanesque” is a sport’s term that is now commonly used to describe anything that’s achieved incredible feats. Not only is this word synonymous with the western world of Cricket, but it is also used in many other areas of life as well. For example; Use Unibet Cricket Betting Offer for earning Bradmenesque sized prizes when betting online. Feel free adding it to your vocabulary when describing something that is the pinnacle of greatness.

The Don is still number 1. He has an earth shattering MCC ranking of 1349. This power – hitting player is still the leading Test Batsman of all time. The no.2 player in the world, is Sachin Tendulkar, whose total is behind Bradman by 349 points. No one has as many accolades as The Don. He has 117 Class Cricket Centuries as well as 29 test Cricket Centuries. Bradman holds the #1 score in Test cricket at a whopping 334 points. No other Aussie, besides Ned Kelly, exceeds Bradman in the amount of memoirs attributed to their name.

2. Sachin Tendulkar

Labeled among the greatest batsmen ever, this Indian player more than exemplified this position and is known worldwide for being Cricket’s highest run scorer. At the young age of 16, this icon started his cricket career and since then he hasn’t looked back. Tendulkar is the only player in the history of the sport to have scored as much as 100 international centuries. Up to this point, there are still numerous records attributed to his name, which possibly will never be matched by another Cricket player. But the accolades don’t stop there, out of all of the cricketers who have ever participated in an ODI game before him, Sachin is the first to score 200 runs in one day.

In both test and Odi cricket platforms, Sachin dominates simultaneously. It is still possible that he is the cricket world’s most influential athlete. Thus far, no other world class athlete has actually finished more than 30,000 runs in test match cricket, besides the “God of Cricket” himself. This moniker as was given to him by the people and for good reason. By Wisden Cricketer’s Almanack accurate account, Tendulkar a.k.a. The Master Blaster, has to be the second most legendary test batsman of all time.

Tendulkar dominates both platforms of cricket with a hitting average of 53.78 and 44.83. His accolades include 49 centuries in One Day International cricket as well as 51 centuries in Test cricket. He’s excelled during all 463 ODI and 200 Test matches, making him one of the most credible athletic performers in history. He’s also a very consistent performer in the sport, scoring over 1000 runs in ODIs in a year. Tendulkar still has the title for highest runs in a calendar year because he has accomplished this feat 7 times.

Now that you have your stats, place your bets on which cricket athlete you think should be crowned the greatest of all time.