Most Popular Cricket Tourneys in the World

The bat-and-ball game of cricket is among the most followed sports in the world. From Australia to West Indies, South Africa and India, Cricket continues to grow in size and status. To satisfy the enthusiasm of the millions of fans worldwide, several cricket tournaments are organized. These tourneys attract the top teams and nations battling not just for the prize on offer, but for pride and bragging rights. This section gives a lowdown of the two most popular cricket tournaments in the World.

The Ashes

The Ashes cricket series is one of the most enduring fixtures on the cricket calendar. Commenced in 1882, It brings head-to-head the fierce rivalry between Australia and England which are among the top cricket nations on earth.

The Ashes has served brilliant cricket games over the years with each tournament – nowadays a lot of people likeĀ betting on tournaments – bringing out the top of the cream players to global fame and conferring legendary status on others. Worth mentioning are special cricketers such as Donald Bradman and Shane Warne who have cemented their pride of place in the world of cricket thanks to exploits in the Ashes.

The Cricket World Cup

As the name suggests, the Cricket World Cup is the ultimate stage for cricket. It brings together the qualified teams of cricket from the different continents and subcontinents. Started in 1975 and staged every four years, the Cricket world cup has grown in stature and popularity. This is perhaps attributable to the brilliant quality of play and increased viewership to the games by millions of viewers on television.

The Cricket World Cup has left indelible memories in the hearts and minds of cricket fans. These include West Indies becoming the first Nation to win the inaugural tournament and the sensational record runs by Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar. Perhaps more heartwarming fact is the record world cup triumph by Australia Cricket team. No other Nation has eclipsed the Aussies five-time championships wins.