This blog is not the usual. It is a labor of love that I would like to share with people like myself. I was fiercely into anything Cricket related growing up, and I longed for a place to review tournaments and athletic stats. That’s why this platform is so important to me. Sometimes there would be no one that I could talk to and if you are as adamant about cricket as I am, then feeling alone in your love offer the game could really dim your mood. I personally wanted nothing more than to dissect the beloved sport down to minute details daily. I’m ecstatic now that I can finally put my genuine love for the game into words for others to read.

Each blog entry is the result of an extensive past exploring various blogs and cricket forums. This was practically all I did in my teenage years. Eventually, I hope to make some sort of income by researching and providing others with this service. I spent nearly a decade looking for a website that would give me everything I wanted to know about my favorite sport. It was time consuming and Instead of one site, I ended up with hundreds of sites to search through every day. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve come across many good sources on the internet, but nothing was completely to the standard of what I was looking for. That is why I started this blog.

By now, I’ve probably bookmarked every cricket site to ever exist, and that is no exaggeration. Despite all of this, I know that the search still isn’t over. There are still thousands of places to look because I’ve yet to find a one-stop cricket spot. I want so badly to just type in one web address into my URL and not have to type in another one 15 minutes after. Hopefully we can fill this void for our audience. We know that you have been searching too, and we are here for all enthusiasts that are thirsting for fact-based content or to discuss various topics with knowledgeable cricket fans. I understand your dilemma. This blog is a way for all of us to connect and help build the online community we’ve always wanted with other fans of the sport.

If you have an equal admiration for the game, this blog is for you. It is also for anyone who is not as familiar with cricket but genuinely wants to be informed. We typically update our content with facts about championship games and other cricket related issues. We feel that it is our responsibility to engage our readers as much as possible. As soon as we figure out what ways best include our subscribers, we promise to never stray from them. Cricket is our passion and we just want to make sure this blog is as unique as our audience. Due to our history with researching and posting in cricket forums, we understand how hard it is to find something that perfectly relates to you. I always had my own perspective too, so I would love to give fans who have a different view a voice. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted a blog of my own. I am going to do everything I can to make this the best blog cricket fans have ever seen.