Before you proceed to the blog sections below, I want to educate you on what this blog is all about, Cricket.

Cricket is said to have originated in northern Europe sometime in the Middle Ages. It was likely between, after the fall of the Roman Empire and before the Normans seized England. All historical studies admit that the game stems from an ancient, very popular yet modest recreational activity.

The game was simple in ancient times. One participant would throw a relatively small piece of wood or an actual ball, and the other opponent would swing at it vigorously with a smoothed-out stick.

When and how this type of “stick hits ball” contest evolved into a sport where hitters try to defend the thrower’s target, is unclear. Also, there is no proof that early cricket players had a points system to keep score of how well the person swinging the stick, could knock the thrown object. The simple game gradually became complex despite humble beginnings.

We’re still curious about how this one on one competition later incorporated groups. Whenever it transpired, the two-player contest evolved into a full team against team game.

Somewhere down the line, the idea of putting two wickets at opposite sides of the field was introduced. This crucial element shaped the game into the sport it is today. Without it, cricket would not exist, and I would have nothing to talk about. Welcome.

Blog Entries

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